"Bianca in Gold" Canvas Prints

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"Bianca in Gold" Canvas Prints

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“Bianca in Gold” features the fiery gaze of my chestnut mare Bianca. My mare has quite the spicy personality, so I painted her flowing mane as if they were flames and adorned her with a gold background. I designed “Bianca in Gold” and “Libby in Silver” to be opposites of each other. “Libby in Silver” creating a cool, refined effect with his regal navy bonnet and composed mane while “Bianca in Gold” creates a fiery and wild effect with her tousled mane and flaming chestnut coat.


  • Thick stretched & mounted Artisan archival canvas
  • White archival backing & wire hanger
  • Available in 10x10", 18x18", and 24x24"

Find the original artwork here.


*Photos are for reference only to help you envision the artwork’s sizing and may not depict the actual product. Frames are not included. Please refer to the product details for an accurate product description.

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Payment Plans
Lederman Art & Design takes great pride in offering equestrians the finest quality materials for prints and custom paintings. In order to provide greater accessibility of fine artwork for equestrians, custom payment plans are available for all prints, original paintings, and commissioned paintings. Please contact Alex at alex@ledermanart.com for questions regarding your personalized payment plan!


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