Pricing & Payment Plans

I offer 4 different styles of painting: Monochrome, Chroma, Monochrome with Gold Leaf, & Chroma with Gold Leaf

Monochrome Price List
Chroma Price List
Monochrome & Gold Leaf Price List.png__PID:c0fdd0cb-8b99-409f-9a3b-17a2d30edd26
Alex and harris leather black alligator original painting.jpg__PID:0c635d55-65a5-40c7-9d9a-1c826c131609
Chroma & Gold Leaf Price List.png__PID:99c9673b-ed47-46be-ac04-d4e34a16ba7c
Alex closeup painting.jpg__PID:5f9f096a-47b7-487d-bc7e-6794418c77fd
Payment Timeline 16x20.png__PID:4bbc6e59-5731-4bff-bd5e-abd13d3df3ab

A one-time payment of $60 is required before creating any mock-ups.

Materials & details

Painted on wood panels with cradled 1.5" edges and an installed hanging wire (unless specified otherwise).

Optional custom frame will be charged after painting is complete (in addition to your final payment).

Paintings can be any size but no smaller than 4" x 4".

$60 payment required for each painting's mockup

Costs can vary by size and design style.

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