The Saddle Series

Coming 2023

Celebrating the beauty and unique craftsmanship of familiar Dressage, Hunt Seat, & Western saddles

Welcome to Lederman Art & Design

Greetings fellow equine enthusiasts

I'm Alex -- the artist & anxious adult amateur behind Lederman Art & Design.

Over the years I've noticed just how much joy, light, and color horses seem to bring into our lives.

I hope to capture these moments that inspire us equestrians to continue coming back to our equine friends and equestrian sport for comfort throughout our lives.

Lederman Art & Design x All Seated in a Barn x WIT Equestrian Clothing Co.

Brave Bronco

Featuring a former bronco gelding who was under contract to be slaughtered and therefore could not be rescued, Brave Bronco is now remembered in this oil painting adorned with 24k and 22k gold leaf. A portion of all Brave Bronco sales will be donated to All Seated in a Barn, a horse and donkey rescue based in Bakersfield, CA.

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Custom Paintings

Check out these previously commissioned paintings for inspiration & payment details

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